Join our one million 5p challenge – it’s simple and easy to do and will help us raise an incredible amount of money.

With the help of your spare five pence pieces we are hoping to raise £50,000 – that’s 1 million 5p’s – so we can employ a full-time senior nurse to work in our Hospice at Home team to care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families, in their own homes where they often want to be.

To help us reach this target, simply use a recycled bottle, fill in the form below to get your special label and start collecting!

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Parents caring for a life-limited child tell us they rarely get the chance to do everyday things. That’s why our Hospice at Home team make 800 hours of visits each month, enabling parents to spend time with their other children, do the shopping, see friends, or even have a bath.

We support families and help them to manage their needs, increase their choice and control and enhance their feelings of comfort and peace of mind.

Our dedicated Hospice at Home team is made up of highly-trained nursing staff and healthcare assistants and supported by therapists, physiotherapists and counsellors.

Families tell us this service is a life line, providing greater independence, and more time for them to be a family.

• We currently have one of the largest Hospice at Home teams in the country, recording an average of 250 visits a month to children and families living in the community we serve.
• Almost 10,000 hours of visits to families homes are provided by our Hospice at Home team each year.
• Shooting Star Children’s Hospices provides care free of charge to the families we support.

hospice at homeSee how the support you provide provides a lifeline to the families we support.

It’s really simple to take part in our one million 5p challenge…

Recycle it
The next time you finish a bottle of water don’t just throw it away, think green, think Shooting Star Children’s Hospices!

Tear it
Tear off the existing label and contact us for a special challenge label. Once you’ve got it, peel off the strips and stick it to your bottle.

Save it
What do you do with those fiddly five pence pieces which burn a hole in your pocket or purse? Put them to good use and collect them in your new recycled ‘Shooting Star Children’s Hospices bottle.

Peel it
Once your bottle is full, peel off the label and follow the instructions inside.

Gift Aid it
If you are a UK tax payer please make sure you Gift Aid your donation. It means Shooting Star Children’s Hospices can increase your gift by an extra 25% at no extra cost to you.