Please note due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to offer any bespoke courses

We’re happy to offer a half day of learning and insight about children’s hospices, including an interactive teaching session and tour of the hospice, to professional healthcare teams (for example neonatal nurses) who work together or groups of students studying on the same course.

The aim of the teaching session is to enable the group to explore the role of the children’s hospice in supporting children, young adults and their families, and to enhance their understanding of the services provided. The session is collaborative and interactive including videos and other creative learning activities focused on case studies.

On the guided tour of the hospice the group will see all the facilities first hand, including the purpose built hydrotherapy pool and family lounge.

Everyone attending gets an information pack to keep.

Feedback from previous events

“From my work, particularly through my research, I know that for families, hospices conjure up the image of a sad, dark place where a child goes to die. Many professionals too don’t really understand what children’s hospices offer and how they differ from adult hospices.” – Professor of Nursing

“I’ve had an amazing insight into what services hospices provide.” – Student Nurse

“ … the hospice is all about happiness and feeling free, defying all stereotypes regarding palliative care.” – Student Nurse

“So simple from the outside, but very advanced, clean and well managed from the inside.” – PICU Nurse

“It makes me think that when we send some of our patients to the hospice, they do come to a better place, to a place where they can really be a family.” – PICU Nurse

Cost and booking

We don’t charge for this half day but if the team’s organisation wants to offer a small donation to help us cover our costs this is always welcome.

Please email our education bookings team if you are interested in arranging a session for your group.