Christopher’s Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents Day takes place once a year at Christopher’s.  It is a informal relaxed day for grandparents of children and young people who are using the service. Grandparents Day offers an opportunity to learn about the hospice and meet other Grandparents and some of the staff who work there. Grandparents can try out activities they may wish to use at home with their grandchildren such as story massage and sensory activities. There is time for grandparents to think about looking after themselves. Lunch is provided as a time to chat and meet with each other.

When: Tuesday 16th July 2019; 10:30 – 14:30

Where: Christopher’s

RSVP: This event is specifically for Christopher’s Grandparents. You will receive an invitation with information on how to RSVP.

“Lovely to know others think and feel the same. You find companionship and understanding.”

Please be aware that all event dates are provisional and will be confirmed in the event invitation.


The Grandparents Day is run once a year so the next day will in June 2020!