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Counselling support for parents

Our team of experienced and fully qualified counsellors can offer psychological support via telephone, online or in person at Christopher’s or Shooting Star House. We can support you with a question you may have, or with ongoing sessions for you, or you and your partner together.

Counselling sessions offer the time and space to talk about your child, and your grief. Everyone in your family may experience this differently, with individual ways of feeling the pain and individual hopes and wishes for your future. Together with your counsellor, you can find ways that might help you manage each day.

Counselling sessions are confidential. In this safe environment, you can explore your needs. The emphasis is upon supporting you to work at your own pace and for you to bring what is important to you.

Parents, couples and in some cases, grandparents can seek counselling support, to support them through the first three years of bereavement.

Psychological support is also available for siblings. Click here to find out more.

For more information or to request this support, please contact Family Support

Telephone – 01483 230 974
Email –

To find out more about counselling

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