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Named Team Member

Each bereaved family is given a dedicated Named Team Member, who will help guide and support you during the first three years after your child dies.

Your Named Team Member can be there to support you during the first few weeks, providing specialist advice and helping you with questions, challenges and practicalities you might face. They can help you address the needs of all the members of your family (from the youngest to the grown-ups).

Your Named Team Member can provide you with information about the support you can access for the first three year of your bereavement. This includes access to counselling, therapies, family memory days, social groups, support visits and resources.

Your Named Team Member will call you three times during the first year to talk about how you are and to offer any further care. They will call again at 18 months. You are encouraged to call your Named Team Member or our Family Support Line at any time you need support, or would value time to talk. Some families choose to meet their Named Team Member for a cup of tea at one of our hospices, and others choose their home.

If possible, your Named Team Member will be a member of our team who had the privilege of knowing your child in their lifetime. We recognise the importance of you spending time with those who cared for your child. If your Named Team Member didn’t have this opportunity, they will appreciate getting to know all about your child through you.

If you have any questions or if you’re unsure who your Named Team Member is, please contact Family Support

Telephone – 01483 230 974
Email –