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Overnight stays

We provide short notice overnight stays, as well as planned stays.

Short notice respite stays are provided to help you deal with unexpected situations, such as your child’s main carer being taken ill, deterioration of your child’s condition, major facilities failure at home or if you yourself as the main carer are struggling emotionally and / or physically.

Planned respite stays can provide you with much needed time to rest.

Stays at the hospice can give you the opportunity to leave your child in a safe environment where they will receive the specialist care they need, as well as lots of opportunities to socialise, to engage in activities and have fun utilising our specialist facilities. Currently we are able to allow one parent to stay in a family flat, so that you can enjoy time together.

Allocation of short notice respite is based on clinical assessment of need and availability. Allocation of planned respite is based on assessment via your local authority or clinical commissioning group.

For more information or to request an overnight stay, please contact Family Support
01483 230 974

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