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Our physiotherapist can provide sessions for supported children staying at Christopher’s or pre-booked sessions at Shooting Star House. Families can telephone our physiotherapist for advice at any time.

Physiotherapy sessions may involve carrying out chest physiotherapy as part of a child’s respiratory management, carrying out a range of movement exercises and giving advice on using equipment. We can provide specialist advice about 24-hour postural management and positioning, which is vital for children who cannot change their position on their own.

Sessions can take place in our Sensory Rooms, Arts and Craft rooms, bedrooms, and the hydrotherapy pools. The warmth of the water helps to relax tight muscles, reduce painful joints, allow more movement, improve circulation, improve self-confidence, and provide a relaxing sensory experience for the child.

To request physiotherapy or book hydrotherapy please contact Family Support

Telephone – 01483 230 974
Email –