Music apps

Music wellbeing apps

Cove: Music creation, expression and journaling app. Recommended by Guardian as one of the top mental health apps and on the NHS app library.

Music for relaxation, creativity, composition

GarageBand: A deceptively powerful app in which you can play a range of touch instruments – keyboards, guitars, strings, drums. You can record tunes and external sounds including voice and you can make loops.

aXylophone: Very simple app – just like playing xylophone. You can play single notes or chords.

Echostring: A lovely harp sound with different chord options and a colourful interface. You can record as you play.

 ThumbJam: You get over 40 high-quality real instrument sounds and hundreds of included scales allowing you to play in any style, from rock to classical.

Bloom: Simply tapping or dragging a finger on the screen produces gentle visuals and calming music that regenerates over time. Very soothing, visual and accessible.

Aquasonic: This app is based on the analogy of sound waves and water waves. The interactive ‘water’ surface controls and mimics the musical sounds. Very simple to use – a bit like Bloom, but with more control of sounds.

Airvox: Airvox allows people to produce sound via their movements rather than by actually touching the screen. The sounds aren’t particularly good, but it’s still an interesting app.

Aumi: Like Airvox, this uses the camera on the iPad as a sensor for picking up movement and turning it into sound. More range of sounds and customisation than Airvox.

SoundPrism: This is a tool which allows you to create harmonic patterns very easily. This is quite a sophisticated app with a lot of different settings available, so you may want to spend some time exploring all the options.

BarrelTones: A fairly realistic drum kit, with a few tracks to play along to.

Falling Stars: A really simple app centred around tapping stars on screen. The music can be saved to play or edit later.

Magic Piano: This app gives you tunes to play which require some dexterity, but there’s also the option to play freestyle. There are different options of keyboard layout.

Bebot: A singing robot that produces sound as you run your fingertip along the screen.

Thicket: Touch the screen to hear and see what happens. You can save the image you have created as a picture file.

Sansula: A simple kalimba, or thumb piano, which you can play like the real thing.