Yong Minds

Tips, advice and where to get support for your child’s mental health during the pandemic.


Lots of support, advice and information for mental health and wellbeing at this time, as well as a helpline.

Every Mind Matters

NHS website full of support and information for physical and mental health.

The Mix

Lots of information, signposting and support for young people.

Anna Freud Centre

An amazing amount of resources, activities and information about coping and wellbeing plus a helpline.


An app that includes sleep stories, meditation, mindfulness, help with stress, anxiety, anger and difficulty sleeping.


An app which helps you bring mindfulness into your everyday life. Lots of interactive exercises, tips and ideas.

Action for Happiness

Full of resources for keeping calm and carrying on.

Surrey Wellbeing Partnership

Resources to help empower parents to meet the emotional needs of children, young people and families during the pandemic.