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Usborne Publishing

Usborne Publishing have been brilliant supporters of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices since the partnership began in 2019. Since then, they’ve taken on a number of creative fundraising activities for us including a ‘That’s not my cake’ bake sale and a ‘That’s not my ramble’ walking challenge series.


That’s not my ramble

To celebrate 20 years of their hugely popular ‘That’s not my…’ book series, the team took on a series of charity walks in London, Oxford, Wolverhampton and even Regensburg (Germany) which they aptly named ‘That’s not my ramble’. In total this raised over £10,000 for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.


That’s not my cake

The team hosted a very creative bake sale, which raised over £800! Creations included some beautiful butterfly cakes, that’s not my cinnamon bun(ny)’s and even a wonderful frosting covered llama!



On top of this they’ve organised One Good Thing collections and individual team members have taken on fantastic challenges such as Ride 100 and The Arctic Circle Swim! They’ve also continued their support throughout the pandemic by donating their commute and coffee money as well as a donation in lieu of their traditional festive fundraising activities.


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