Challenger of the Month

Every month we celebrate a person or team who has gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. It’s not always about who has run the fastest or the furthest or longest. We aim to celebrate people who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, and done something that has been a real challenge for them.

Our Challenger of the Month for January 2019 is…

Sinéad Schaverien, Ellen Carter, Beth Powell, Charlotte Haslam & Margaret Sweeney – Santa in the City 5K Run

COTM Jan 19 - Santa in the CityIf you have ever had reservations about taking on an event for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and that some challenges feel, well…a bit too challenging then fear not! There are a wealth of events taking place in 2019, big and small, that are perfect for you and your friends to take part in!

This is just what our challengers of the month did at the end of last year, as they took on the Santa in the City run in London in aid of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. Sinéad, Ellen and Beth explain why this event was perfect for them.

“The initial idea was to do something fun and active,” explained Beth. “The Santa Run was perfect timing and for certain people a 5K run with friends is the perfect answer to raising money for this beautiful charity.” Ellen agreed, “The Santa Run was honestly just a lovely thing to do.”

Sinéad said, “I’ve been supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices for a few years now – mainly through volunteering as a photographer at events including the London Marathon and the Sunrise Walk. The runners and walkers who take part are so inspiring – so much so I signed up to the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October last year, which was an amazing experience!

“One night over a glass of wine, we were talking about the stress of life and how exercise really helps with keeping it in check and we all agreed we should do something before Christmas that is fun and active instead of the usual boozy celebrations and before you know it, we signed up for exactly that – fun, active and with the added bonus of raising money for my favourite charity!”

Ellen agreed, “It was a really lovely opportunity to have a break from the normal schedule and just enjoy time with friends.”
Beth added, “I’d 100% recommend it and the money they ask you to raise isn’t too scary if you are a newbie to running / walking.”

The special seasonal 5K run allows you to see the iconic sights of the capital, whilst dressed in a santa suit. “We all found the minimum fundraising amount very manageable which is an important factor leading up to Christmas. We also set up a group fundraising page so pooled all of the donations. We were super lucky and we had so much support from friends, family and work colleagues and smashed the amount we raised,” said Sinéad.

Sinéad continued, “As always, the support from the Shooting Star Children’s Hospices team leading up to the run was amazing – we received supportive emails, good luck messages and well done emails post the event. The actual event was brilliant – if not very chilly! A whole square in London filled with Santa’s – so surreal. The atmosphere was electric…everyone was excited and there was lots of laughing. Having the chance to go around the route and seeing how beautiful and Christmassy the city looked was such a treat. The volunteers were also just brilliant and supportive – their encouraging words on the way round were much appreciated! There were lots of different abilities – some running super fast, some walking and some on a pub crawl who were just hysterical. The event was super inclusive!

COTM Jan 19 - Santa in the City

Ellen said, “I have done runs without a charity element before and it’s just not the same; it gives the whole thing a very different, much more competitive edge. That’s not really why I personally enjoy organised runs – it’s more to get involved in the spirit of it. Shooting Star Children’s Hospices is such a wonderful cause, but also are doing brilliant work, so it’s lovely to raise money knowing it’s going to make a real difference.”

“We will definitely be signing up for another fun challenge as a group – we are all keeping an eye on the website to find that next challenge,” concluded Sinéad. “Sign up today – not only will you have a brilliant time but you will be raising vital funds for a phenomenal charity.”

If these fantastic friends have inspired you – why not take a look at our events calendar – packed full of fun and different events taking place throughout the year! You can read more about the families we help to support here