London Marathon: on the day

Running the London Marathon is an amazing experience and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You’ve done the hard work, your training is over and now it’s time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day!

To help you to make the most of your Marathon day, we will:

  • Provide transport to Blackheath, so that you can travel together and have one less thing to worry about
  • Set-up two cheering points along the route to cheer your on. Our volunteers are enthusiastic and colourful in their support and your friends are very welcome to join them
  • Invite you to join us for a post-race reception, near the finish line, where you can enjoy refreshments and a well-deserved massage. This is a great place to meet your supporters and celebrate your fantastic achievement of completing the 2020 London Marathon!

“The whole experience has been extremely rewarding and seeing all of you along the embankment at mile 24 when I was really struggling to keep going, gave me the final push to get over the finish line so I can’t thank you all enough for camping out for hours at that point as I wouldn’t have finished without you all.”