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Outreach, Therapy and Family Services

During this time of change, we’ve had to face difficult challenges and be adaptable to ensure we can deliver our services to those most in need, and thanks to the support from individuals like you, we’ve been able to continue to provide the very best specialist care.

Now as we move forward, we’ve looked at how we can best deliver the wide range of services we provide and are thrilled to say Shooting Star House has reopened this summer at our Outreach, Therapy and Family Support Centre.

Here we are providing a comprehensive range of therapies and specialist clinics for the whole family, including drama and music therapy, family support sessions, sibling’s groups, and Saturday ‘drop-in’ sessions.

Living with a baby, child or young person with a life-limiting condition can be extremely demanding, both mentally and physically. The services we provide at Shooting Star House are there to help supported children, parents, siblings and the wider family unit to cope, manage and process.

These services will also be given at Christopher’s, where we’ll be continuing to provide planned and emergency respite including symptoms stays and end-of-life care.

Sarah Hodkinson, Head of Family Support Services said, “We pride ourselves on being able to provide a completely bespoke level of care and support, not only to the child or young person with a life-limiting condition, but the wider family unit. These services are what set us apart from conventional medical settings and means we can look at everyone within the family and assess their individual needs.

“Without supporting all the family, we wouldn’t be able to help them through times of crisis and heightened need, back to a place where they can face each day once more.

“We’ve continued to provide our therapies service virtually and over the phone during the past 18 months, something which we will still continue for families, but are thrilled we’re able to also offer these services in person at both hospices.”

Counselling and support groups

We care for the whole family with a range of support groups and counselling.

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Creative therapies

When it’s difficult to use words, creative therapies offer a new way to express and understand feelings.

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Although restrictions have been relaxed and life appears to be returning to ‘normal’, for many of the families we support their situation won’t have changed.

The children we care for are amongst the most vulnerable, unvaccinated and extremely susceptible. Without the  bespoke care and support Shooting Star Children’s Hospices provide, families would simply have nowhere left to turn.

We still need your support to continue to be there for families now and into the future.