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Help children like Phoenix

To not be defined by their conditions

Life is marked by milestones

Special moments and memories that we treasure. For the children we support at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, we provide long-term care to help them reach milestones, no matter how big or small they are. With a regular donation, together we are able to provide specialist care and an environment that enables and encourages the children we support to grow, develop and experience truly magical moments.

Children just like Phoenix. A cheeky four-year-old girl, who is full of personality.

“Phoenix has been supported by Shooting Star Children’s Hospices since November 2019. She was born very prematurely and as a result of that has chronic lung disease and a cardiac condition. Despite being in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit a lot and often quite suddenly, Phoenix is very bubbly and energetic and, like other children her age, loves doing activities – some days that may be arts and crafts, other days messy play.

When I first met Phoenix she was having all of her feeds by gastrostomy tube, but now she just has her medication and one feed through it overnight. She’s quite a picky eater though (although she loves crisps!), so we play to get her used to different textures. She loves to fill up and empty cups of Rice Krispies, making a bit of a mess but getting more confident and adventurous all the time.

You're helping children like her find their voice

A child’s first words and how they find their voice in the world is so special – we have seen Phoenix progress so much in terms of her speech. Whilst she still can’t talk very much, she now makes noises, can say certain words and is getting really good at Makaton. She loves to communicate and at the hospice we use Makaton a lot, so when she’s here we can support her communication and help her to develop. We also help Phoenix’s family to get the support she needs to keep achieving – for instance we helped her family to arrange a speech and language assessment which will ensure the right support is put in place for her.

With you support, together we can help other children like Phoenix achieve special milestones. For the families Shooting Star Children’s Hospices supports, seeing their child reach a milestone that was once seen as impossible, makes those moments even more special.
It’s only thanks to you that we’re able to support Phoenix and we want to make sure we can continue to support her as she grows up. Please would you consider giving a regular gift to ensure we can be here for Phoenix for as long as she needs us?

Georgia Kershaw
Nurse at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices