A family session in the hydrotherapy pool


When a child has a life-limiting condition, there are many things they’re told they can’t do. Your gift can ensure they can.

Some families are told it’s not safe to take their child swimming, while others find public pools a difficult environment. Our hydrotherapy pools are a safe space for families to create special memories. For some it’s the first time they’ve been able to take their child swimming. Hydrotherapy also provides physical benefits such as helping muscle tone and strength, enabling mobility not possible out of water.



This is one of our virtual gifts which allow supporters to help in a more personal way, selecting an activity or special moment for a family who rely on a specific part of our care service.

When you buy a virtual gift you’ll receive a certificate explaining the benefit of your gift – display this proudly to remind yourself how amazing you are or pass it on if you’re buying the gift for a supported family in lieu of a present for a relative or friend.

We aim to provide the actual service gift you have bought. In some instances it may not be appropriate to deliver this service, and so we may provide a different service gift to ensure the family receives a precious moment relevant to their specific needs.