Watch the powerful and touching alternative Christmas advert produced by Shape History in aid of Shooting Star Chase, highlighting the importance of awareness and support at this time of year.

The advert brings to life the story of the Barker family, who tragically lost their son, Matthias, after a battle with cancer. Matthias and his family came to stay at Shooting Star Chase’s Guildford hospice, Christopher’s, in November 2011 for five weeks until Matthias sadly died on 23rd December 2011. The family kindly donated images of Matthias to the film with the hopes that by sharing his story, it might bright the topic to the forefront of public consciousness and lend support to those going through similar situations.

Shape History First Christmas campaign

Rosie Barker said “I truly hope this film will raise awareness about families trying to get through Christmas despite the torturous pain they may be feeling within. I hope it creates a realisation that many families will be celebrating Christmas without their loved ones, and will be trying to get through bearing a great deal of pain. It will show that family support is crucial to surviving the pain and the film will be hugely supportive to many people this Christmas in a similar situation to us.”

The film explores the themes of bereavement and the effect of personal loss, telling the story of a heartbroken father, struggling to come to terms with the passing of his son due to cancer. As the rest of the family attempt to support each other on the run up to their first Christmas without their son and brother, we see the impact of a family coping with grief and ultimately, how they come together.

Shape History first Christmas Campaign

Adam Petrie, Director of Communications and Marketing at Shooting Star Chase says,
“Shooting Star Chase exists to make every moment count by offering the very best care from diagnosis to end of life and in bereavement. Christmas is a time where family is so important and therefore can be particularly difficult for those who have lost a loved one. As well as supporting families through the heart-breaking moments no parent should ever have to experience, we also create moments families will cherish forever and we hope this campaign will raise awareness of our vital work and encourage people to help us provide memories that are precious and unforgettable.”

Read more about Matthias and his family’s story here.

When you have a child with a life-limiting condition, every moment counts. This Christmas, please help us to make those moments precious and unforgettable. We have some special moments you can buy to provide invaluable support to families we care for.