Some supported siblings discovered a new clay to be creative at a special siblings workshop at our Guildford hospice, Christopher’s last week.

As a way of exploring their feelings, they used modelling clay to channel their emotions in a creative way.

The session was led by one of our creative therapists, and supported by our care team and volunteers.

Following some mindfulness activities they spent some time making clay models, creating cats, dogs, guinea pigs and even peas in a pod!

Once the day was finished the siblings were able to take the clay models home with them, where they could harden ready for painting in the future.

Clay modelling is an excellent therapy activity. Numerous studies have shown that art helps to reduce stress levels in the body, and can help to alleviate anxiety and depression. Clay is an especially good medium for this – since fingertips contain some of the densest nerve clusters in our bodies, the act of handling clay and stimulating these points can bring major benefits.

Our siblings’ days are built around therapeutic activities, as well as having fun and making friends with those in similar circumstances. The days also allow children to explore their own interests and express themselves in a variety of ways.

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