Retail wish list

Our shops are starting to open in early May and want your donations.  Check your local shop details for opening date and times. 

Weybridge, Cobham and Teddington are accepting donations daily
Shepperton: donations accepted daily – 3 bags limit
Hampton Hill: donations accepted daily – 2 bag limit
Guildford: please ring 01483 304696 to arrange donation drop off

We kindly ask that you do not leave donations outside any of our shops.

Making a donation to our charity shops gives you the opportunity to free up some space, show your charitable side and help us to make every moment count for the families we support.

All your donations are gratefully received but there are some things we can’t accept and others we can’t get enough of! Take a look at our wish list below and see what we love.

Our shop managers are experts at spotting the latest fashion trends and quality vintage or designer pieces to ensure our shops are stocked with the highest quality items.

Our wish list Our ‘thanks but no thanks’ list
Good quality toys and baby equipment
Clothes – women’s, men’s & children
Designer/quality items
Crockery (full sets)
Vintage items
Unopened toiletries
Small working electrical items
Matching linens
Microwaves and white goods
Personal grooming items
Soiled items
Video tapes
Safety helmets/gear
Duvets, pillows, cushions, mattresses
Sharp objects
Real fur
Broken or incomplete items e.g. toys/bric-a-brac
Car seats
Toys without CE mark

We normally want your rags too!

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are not accepting rag donations.  If you can please hold on to them a little bit longer we hope to be able to take them soon.

If you have inferior quality clothes, shoes or handbags, which are not suitable for sale please still let us have them. We can turn them into cash!

Even though we are only able to sell quality donations in our shops, we can use your rags to raise a considerable amount of money. In fact we make in excess of £40,000 each year from these items.

Please feel free to bring in a bag filled with muddy, broken shoes or clothes that are torn and dirty (although please don’t mix shoes with clothing) and mark them as suitable for ‘ragging’ so we can pop them straight into our rag pen.

By sorting your rags before you bring them in you will save us valuable time and help us to instantly brings cash into our shops.