Why we are strengthening our brand

Significant numbers of children with life-limiting conditions are living longer thanks to medical advances. As a leading children’s hospice charity, we must evolve and adapt to reflect these changes and ensure we can continue to provide this essential support and care.

In order to provide this level of care it’s vitally important that as many people as possible know who we are and what we do.

Within this increasingly challenging environment we know we have to respond to the increased demand for our services and pursue new ways of enhancing our income and support. Following comprehensive research, it’s clear the awareness of our brand, as a local children’s hospice service, is too low in many of the areas we serve – which is a real concern and is something we have to change. So to increase our income and ensure that the people who could benefit from our services are aware we are here for them, we’re making some important changes to strengthen our brand.

Changing our name

Research tells us that a critical part of strengthening our brand is to make it more memorable and recognisable, and that our organisation’s name has an important role in this. So, after careful consideration, we have taken the difficult decision to change our name to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices – which says clearly who we are and what we do in just a few words.

Chase (formally CHASE) will always be a profoundly important part of our history and its founders shaped the charity we are today. The names of our hospices will be unchanged, and Christopher’s will remain a lasting legacy to Chase and a testament to the hard work and imaginative vision of so many.

From Monday 11th February we will be changing our name to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. 

The same charity, providing outstanding care

We will always deliver highly professional services and place life-limited children and their families at the heart of everything we do. Both our hospices, Christopher’s in Guildford and Shooting Star House in Hampton, are rated overall either Outstanding or Good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We want to ensure that we can maintain this level of care as the needs of children with life-limiting conditions grow ever more complex – we are here to support every family who need us and will continue to work tirelessly to help make every moment count.

Enhancing our brand identity

In addition to changing our name, we are strengthening our brand and evolving our logo, which we will introduce over time, to keep our costs down. We are building on the brand we have today, retaining our colours, and our lovely ‘Friendlies’ characters, however it will be brighter and bolder to help us make the impact we need. The Friendlies remain an important part of our brand, with the lively fingerprint characters designed to reflect the charity’s care service – all fingerprints are unique and each family is given care and support based on their individual needs. We’re confident that our new name and strengthened brand will help us to build awareness of the charity and allow us to care for more children and more families in the years to come. This will of course take time and we know how important it is to get right.

With the exciting news of our new shops in Battersea and Cobham, which opened over the last couple of months, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce our new brand, but for the most part the changes will be slowly rolled out from February, to coincide with the change in our charity’s name.

Your support

Finally, as always, we are extremely grateful for the commitment and generosity of all our amazing supporters and the inspiration they provide every minute of every day to make every moment count for the families we care for.