Children cared for by Shooting Star Chase have shared their hilarious and heart-warming views on love – inspiring a collection of Valentine’s Day cards which are being sold to raise vital funds.

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We invited children to talk about what love means to them at support groups at our Guildford-based hospice, Christopher’s, and invited families and supporters to share their children’s views on love via our Facebook page. Responses ranged from the heart-warming, such as “Love is when my brother hears my voice and smiles at me” through to the more unusual, including “Love is not minding sharing my garlic naan” and “To make someone fall in love you need to hypnotise them.”

Cards online

With such brilliant responses, we couldn’t keep them to ourselves – so we’ve released a range of seven exclusive cards ahead of Valentine’s Day. Four of the priceless quotes have been turned into cards while three feature the charity’s award-winning fingerprint characters, The Friendlies.

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The Valentine’s Day cards were available to buy in exchange for a £5 donation. Lovebirds could get their hands on one of the limited-edition cards to send to their Valentine and Shooting Star Chase also offered to play Cupid by sending the cards direct, including a personal message or remaining anonymous in true Valentine’s tradition. Each card included a note letting the recipient know their admirer is a ‘charitable legend’ by buying a card from Shooting Star Chase, guaranteeing further brownie points on Valentine’s Day.

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David Burland, CEO of Shooting Star Chase, said: “The children’s perspectives on love are absolutely brilliant and a real reminder of just how funny and wonderfully innocent children can be. And I think they offer some great advice – buying a big diamond might help someone fall in love with you, although I’m not too sure about hypnotising the object of your affections! By buying one of these cards people will be helping to make every moment count to babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. They’ll also be seen as a hopeless romantic by their Valentine, so it’s a win-win.”

The question on what love means engaged around 4,000 people connected to Shooting Star Chase and other notable contributions included: “You make someone fall in love with you by buying them a big diamond,”, “When people are in love they do unspeakable things,” and “Love is when you like someone a lot, lot, lot.”