Shooting Star Chase had a brush with the law over the Easter holidays when Surrey Police welcomed us to their headquarters for a special look behind the scenes of one of the country’s biggest forces.

Lily is ready for a riot with two police officers and Barbie, Activities Coordinator at Christopher's children's hospice

Seven supported children, along with parents and staff from ourGuildford-based hospice, Christopher’s, were given the VIP treatment – testing vehicle sirens and lights, trialling handcuffs, and trying on police hats and helmets. 17-year-old Mehmet, a big fan of the police, was even lifted from his wheelchair to sit on a traffic motorbike.

Mehmet is lifted from his wheelchair to sit on a police motorbike

The Surrey Police headquarters in Artington also introduced the children to some of the police dogs, performed a staged drug search with Mitsy the black Labrador and demonstrated how the dogs take down criminals when they attached an officer wearing a bite suit. To end the afternoon, the National Police Air Service helicopter from Redhill travelled overhead as the children waved, and landed so wecould meet the pilot and look inside the rotorcraft.

Lily and Mitsy

Police, helicopter crew and staff, parents and children from Shooting Star Chase

Barbie Hibberd, Activities and Education Liaison Coordinator at Shooting Star Chase, said it was a day that wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry:

“It was such a brilliant afternoon at Surrey Police headquarters – the supported children who visited were grinning from ear to ear throughout the afternoon and were bursting with excitement from what they’d seen.

“We can’t thank Surrey Police enough for being so friendly and welcoming, and for taking the time to show us all the fascinating parts of their jobs. They gave the children from Christopher’s so much joy.

“Surrey Police are a huge part of the local community and their ongoing support for Shooting Star Chase is very much appreciated by everyone at the charity, including the families we care for.”

Police car

Surrey Police chose Shooting Star Chase as their Charity of the Year in April 2015 and the partnership is now in its second year. To date the force has raised almost £10,000 through challenge events, fairs and donations to Shooting Star Chase shops.

A supported sibling from Shooting Star Chase tries on a police hat