A day of colour, celebration and fun was had by all at the end of May at our Siblings’ Day at our Hampton hospice, Shooting Star House. Celebrating the Jubilee, this year’s theme was creativity and diversity.

These days are a very important way to allow siblings a chance to have a break, some independence and fun with those in a similar circumstance and let them explore their own interests and express themselves in a variety of ways.

Upon arrival the siblings were tasked with some calming crafts, decorating some pebbles, which will go on to be varnished and placed around the fountain in the hospice garden.

It was then time for something a bit louder, with some dramatic drumming led by our music therapy team! This was also a perfect opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves to one another.

There was then a choice of workshops to take part in, facilitated by our team of therapists and Family Support workers.

The siblings could choose from a rock music workshop, run by the fabulous Rocksteady, a nature workshop, jewellery making or cupcake decorating.

Following a pizza and pop lunch, it was time to get colourful as the hospice garden had been transformed into an obstacle course for the much-loved sibling’s day colour run!

Everyone triumphantly took on the challenge, dashing, crawling and running through the obstacles – all whilst being showered in a kaleidoscope of coloured powder!

Once all obstacles were completed and energy thoroughly spent it was time for some sweet treats with doughnut games and medals for our marvellous competitors!

These days are only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters – please consider donating so we can continue to be there, providing important and fun days like these to many more families.