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A grey and snowy picture of group of hikers at the top of Mount Snowdon

Corporate Snowdon Sunrise Trek

Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh) is the highest mountain in Wales and England. Standing tall over the village of Llanberis, Snowdon is a part of a close-knit family of jagged peaks and can offer views of Snowdonia, Anglesey, Pembrokeshire and Ireland. This overnight challenge starts around 3am as participants gather at the foot of Snowdon ready to climb to the 1,085m summit in total darkness. Traversing the tricky terrain with just the light of a head torch climbers will arrive at the summit just as the sun rises across the dramatic backdrop of Snowdonia National Park. The descent will see the start of a new day for the tired walkers and they will enjoy a well deserved breakfast when they return to base. This is the perfect team building activity for a company looking to do something different and challenging but without taking up too much time. You can expect to be back in London or Surrey within 24 hours of leaving!
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What's the challenge?

Trekking for 8 hours continuously

Traversing 13km of undulating terrain

Ascending in total darkness on very little sleep

Uniting to ensure everyone makes it to the summit

The numbers

Cost: £55

Per person, based on a minimum of 20 particpants.

Fundraising: £250

Per person (You are walking up a mountain in total darkness!)

How tough is it?

This is not a technical hike, but it is also not a stroll up a well laid path. The terrain will be rugged and rocky, but the summit is within reach of any reasonably fit and determined person. Whilst we don’t recommend any specific training just remember that the fitter you are then the more you’ll enjoy it! Snowdon is a mountain. It’s the highest mountain in Wales. The terrain is rugged, rocky and mountainous so please arrive prepared. You’ll need the correct kit and your footwear is particularly important. If you’re not used to hiking or hill-walking then the sooner you start training the better.


“We at Integrity have just started out on our corporate partnership journey with SSCH this year, so we thought why not start big! We opted to take on the Sunrise Challenge and climb Snowdon! I can honestly say it is an experience not to be missed! It was AMAZING, we were not so lucky with the weather, but it just added to the feeling of accomplishment reaching that summit. We are a remote workforce so the team building aspect was invaluable to us alongside raising well over £7K. Ellie, Alexa and the team provided support and encouragement from beginning to end. We are all so exited to start planning our next challenge to support the amazing SSCH!”

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