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Wednesday 4 October 2023

Research Strategy Round Table

  • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Guildford Baptist Church
Join us to develop our new research strategy!

Who are we?

  • Dr AK Anderson, Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine and Dr Aneita Pringle, Research Lead at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices (SSCH).

What are we doing?

  • Our aim is to become more research active as a hospice, to answer important questions and support even better care.
  • We are offering a free workshop to help us understand what is important to you and develop priorities for research.
  • We are asking for your help as SSCH stakeholders to come together and discuss what is important for you and to develop our research priorities as an organisation.
  • The workshop will help us develop our 2024/2025 research strategy and beyond.
  • We are offering the option to attend one of two days.

Why is this important?

  • You may have heard the slogan, “nothing about us without us,” in relation to service design and/or research. Ethical research involves end users from the very beginning, including the identification of research priorities.
  • Your opinion matters to us.
  • Resources are precious in this sector. To ensure we maximise our limited time, finances, and energy, we need to know what will make the biggest difference to children, families, and staff.

What does taking part involve?

  • This full-day event will entail:
  • Presentations on topics including what research is, barriers to and facilitators of research, and the current research landscape in paediatric palliative and hospice-based research.
  • Discussions in small groups relating to your thoughts, and identifying what is important for you in this area.

Is attending mandatory?

  • No, attendance is voluntary. We’d love to have you come along, but only if you want to!

Who will be there?

  • We are inviting a wide array of individuals who are involved in the hospice in some way.
  • Supported and bereaved parents;
  • External staff (e.g., doctors and nurses);
  • Internal staff from care (e.g., nurses, carers, physiotherapists, doctors) and non-care (e.g., administrative staff, Directors, members of the fundraising and communications teams) are invited as well.
  • A mixture of any or all the individuals above will attend.

What will happen after the event?

  • We will:
  • Feed back via a written report summarising what was discussed.
  • Consult with children and young people on their priorities.
  • Integrate our findings with the wider research literature.
  • Formulate our new research strategy based on these results and submit it to the Board for approval.
  • Share or publish our results on our website, in conferences, and through academic journals.


  • Lunch will be provided.
Event details
  • Guildford Baptist Church,
    United Kingdom