Team Coville, a super family of fundraisers, decided to take on not just one, but a whole array of unique and tough challenges this summer to raise money for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Mum Rachel, dad Gary and eight-year-old twins Harrison and Sophia decided they wanted to complete a set of challenges they could all take part in as a team that was also a little bit different.

Rachel said, “Gary and I have done several military-style events where we’ve had to carry between 35-45lbs. Given lockdown we were a little restricted on what we could do, so decided to do a series of challenges utilising our treadmill. Everyone was really into the idea right from the start.”

The family planned to do a 10K, a Half Marathon and finish with a full Marathon, and if this wasn’t enough they’d also be carrying weights whilst completing the runs, with Rachel and Gary carrying 20lb Bergens and Harrison and Sophia carrying 3lbs day sacks.


Once the challenges were agreed, they sat down to discuss who they’d like to support, Rachel explains, “When the lockdown took effect, we knew that charities were going to be hit hard. We wanted to do our little part to help. When we discussed the different charities with Harrison and Sophia, and mentioned the work Shooting Star Children’s Hospices do, they both became very quiet and a bit emotional. Explaining the situation the children the hospice help find themselves in, really moved them and they both picked Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and tried to think of ways we could raise as much money as possible.”

The family proved they’re a determined and dedicated bunch when a number of trials and tribulations attempted to thwart their challenge attempt.

Rachel said, “We were supposed to start during the Easter break, however just before this Harrison fell ill with appendicitis and they had to operate immediately, with quite a lengthy recovery. Mid May we took on the 10K relay run for the first time, but shortly afterwards Gary hurt his back meaning we had to hold off on the half marathon. So in mid June we decided to start again and take on the 10K relay run , followed by the half marathon relay run. It was then Sophia who hurt herself, with tissue damage to her foot which would take up to 6 – 8 weeks to recover!”

Despite all these setbacks in August the family added an additional challenge (thought up by Harrison and Sophia) of climbing the 3 Yorkshire Peaks whilst on holiday there (like you do!)

Last and by no means least, Rachel, Gary, Harrison and Sophia completed the full marathon relay run and could officially, and finally, put their feet up knowing they had raised over £500!

Harrison said of the challenges, “The full marathon was really hard. I didn’t think I would be able to make it, but when I did, I felt so proud.”

Sophia agrees, “I found the 10K easy as it wasn’t far to run; the half marathon was a bit harder, but the marathon was hard. When I was at the 2 mile mark, my legs really started to hurt, but I kept pushing myself and I did it! I’m really proud that I finished it.”

Harrison and Sophia concluded, “We were really inspired by our mum and dad as they have done lots of events for different charities and raised lots of money. We wanted to be able to do the same.”

Fancy doing your own family fundraiser? Why not take on our own Make Every Mile Count challenge and help us continue to be there for families we need us most.