End-of-life care

Our core mission is to provide expert nursing and medical care, including the management of difficult symptoms, for children at end of life, alongside support for their families, in their preferred place of care.

Symptom management

Many of the children we support have very complex symptoms which may change over time, particularly towards the end of life.

Our symptom management and palliative care enables very sick children to be supported and cared for both at home and at our hospices. Our symptom care is led by Dr AK Anderson, a consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine – of which there are only seven in the country – and a team of lead nurses who are specially trained in symptom management.

Their role is to support the child’s own GP, their medical team and Children’s Community Nursing Team through assessment and advice on managing various symptoms including pain. The team also support both hospice teams in the delivery of symptom management, palliative and end-of-life care.

Palliative care

At end of life, our dedicated Symptom Management, medical and nursing teams, work in collaboration with Specialist Teams at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital to provide this expert medical and nursing care either at one of our hospices or in the child’s own home 24-hours a day.

Our team work alongside the child and family and help co-ordinate the wide range of professionals who are involved in the child’s care, to ensure that the families wishes are at the centre of care provision and decision making.