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The Pull Agency

The Pull staff chose to support Shooting Star Children’s Hospices in a company wide vote at the beginning of 2019. The team have been incredibly enthusiastic with their fundraising, and are always thinking of the next fundraising activity. From office fundraising, to events, to volunteering, they’ve been super supporters and have so far raised over £7,500.


Office Fundraising

The team have organised a number of incredible office bake sales (the cakes always look amazing) plus they’ve done a number of OneGoodThing collections too to help us stock our charity shops with lovely items.


The team have been involved in a number of our bespoke events, as well as organising their own. As a team they’ve taken part in our Guildford Sunrise Walks, as well as three members of the team taking on our epic Sunrise at Snowdon challenge. On top of this, a number of the team have taken on their own challenges including Ride100 and various marathons.


The Pull Agency have recently been to Christopher’s to spend a day volunteering and made a huge difference to the garden.


A message from Dean Corney, Owner and COO, The Pull Agency

“We are absolutely delighted to be supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. Having visited the hospice previously I found the staff and children to be inspirational, it was a humbling experience and one that has stayed with me. I know everyone at Pull is excited about the opportunity of raising money for such an amazing organisation, we can’t wait to get started.”



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