Last year residents of Sheepfold Road, Guildford started a fun competition that’s gone onto grow and grow! Over 50 residents sowed sunflower seeds to see whose would grow the tallest, whilst raising money for their local children’s hospice charity.

It was so successful that they held it again this year, this time joined by residents in neighbouring Byrefield Road and Shepherds Lane.

With seeds distributed early in the year, every house on Sheepfold Road took part (about 90 homes) along with a good number in both Byrefield Road and Shepherds Lane. In return for the seeds, they were encouraged to make a donation to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

One of the organisers of the scheme, Sara Quinn said, “Seeds were sown at the end of March and seedlings given out at the beginning of May. People have grown the sunflowers in their front and back gardens. The organiser for Byrefield Road was Linda Fry, while Sue and Lionel Medley supervised the scheme for Shepherds Lane.”

Last week Ellie Constable, Community Fundraiser at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices visited the neighbours to receive a cheque and admire the wonderful flowers.

Ellie said, “I smiled as I drove up to Sheepfold Road seeing all the sunflowers in people’s front gardens. I really do think it’s such a lovely way to not only raise money, but also to create a real sense of community spirit with your neighbours, which is so important, now more than ever. It’s been a tough few months for us at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, and it’s only thanks to people like these great neighbours, that we are able to continue providing vital care to the children and families who so desperately need us.”

There was clearly a lot of flower power as collectively the residents raised an amazing £1,265, with plans to do the same again in 2021.

If these wonderful neighbours have planted a seed in your mind to embark on your own fundraising fun, we have lots of different ideas you can get involved here.

Photo credit: The Guildford Dragon NEWS