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How we communicate with families

We heve created a communications manifesto to help ensure that all of the families we support recieve timely and relevant information about our services, through multiple communications channels. At the core of this manifesto are a number of key principles.

Our commitments

We commits to providing direct access to information, so that families can choose to request support and services relevant to their needs.

We commits to being open and transparent, through active communication about key services.

We commit to communicating via multiple channels, so that the differing needs of families are met.

We will endeavour to ensure that both parents can opt to receive communication from Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

We can include nominated external professionals in communications about service provision, so that they can support families in understanding and accessing services.

We will proactively translate key printed documents and provide these accordingly for families. We are aware that digital communication is easier for families to translate using online systems.

We will inform families of how they might be able to request and access urgent respite care that is funded charitably, sharing the process and assessment criteria used to prioritise need when requested.

We will be transparent about the cost and process for respite that is part-funded by local authorities, and reliant on the child’s local authority’s assessment of their needs.

We commit to encouraging communication between families, through the provision of closed groups on social media and groups/events that are optional to join.

We commit to asking children and family members to review a sample of communication materials.

We commit to providing opportunities for all children, young people and family members to feed back on their experiences of communication by Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

We will endeavour to explore new and innovative ways of communicating with families.

Channels of Communication

Language Interpretation

The individual referring a family to us is asked if the family require an interpreter. This is recorded on the Care Database and appear in the front screen ‘alerts’. Further details of how this is put in place for all conversations with families can be found in our Language Interpreting SOP
We will strive to achieve the principles and processes outlined above and will work hard to identify shortfalls and areas for improvement.