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End-of-life care

When providing end-of-life care, we do everything we possibly can to look after you and your child, whether this be in hospital, your home or at Christopher's, our Guildford hospice. We will talk to you about your wishes, what might help you, and we will provide expert advice to guide you when you need this.

Our promise to you

We have been caring for children and families for many years and we are always talking to families about the care we gave. Families tell us how much shock they experience when their child is end of life, how gentle, supportive and confident our team are in providing this care. We will come to you, to provide this care wherever you need us to be.

Supporting your family

We are mindful of everyone in your family, mums, dads, step-mums and dads, brothers, dads, grandparents and others you are close to. We can help you think about how to talk to children, brothers and sisters about death and dying, and how to support them at this time.

Making keepsakes

We can help with creating keepsakes, making sure we capture fingerprints and footprints and everything that you might long to treasure for years to come.

Our bereavement suite

We have a dedicated area at our Guildford hospice, Christopher’s, with a room where families can lay their child at rest for up to 7 nights. You can stay in our family flat and know that our expert care team are nearby to help you, brothers and sisters. Or you can stay at home and know that we will continue to provide care to your child and support you with everything you might need to do and think about. This video, featuring information and the personal story of Rhodri’s parents, details how they used our service, and how it helped them.

Cold blankets

We can bring a cold-blanket to your home. This cools a mattress so that the body of a child who has died can be preserved and a family can spend extra hours or days with their child at home.

Funeral support

We can help you plan and organise your child’s funeral, guiding you every step of the way. We can also help you find charities and organisations that will support you with costs. We will do everything we can to help you ensure that this important day is just how you wish it to be.

Bereavement support

If you become bereaved, you will continue to have access to all our care for three years and three months. This includes a dedicated member of our team assigned to you and services such as grief counselling,  complementary therapies and sibling support.