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Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies take a holistic approach to supporting your wellbeing. We offer several types of Complementary Therapies for parents, siblings, and supported children. The therapies offer an opportunity to switch off from the stresses of life and relax, promoting a feeling of wellbeing. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of using complementary therapies to ease stress, anxiety, minor aches, and pains and to help with sleep problems. . You can make contact to request a referral for an in-person appointment for a series of sessions, or join one of our regular pamper day sessions, held throughout the year.
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What we can offer

Sessions at our hospices

In-person appointments for holistic massage, aromatherapy and reflexology are available at Christopher’s and Shooting Star House.

Aromatherapy light/steam device with vapour coming out.

Aromatherapy by post

Our Complementary Therapist can assess your needs and support you with a tailored blend of oils placed on an aroma stick and delivered by post to your home, and a programme of exercises for you to follow. This can assist with a range of concerns such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, sleep difficulties or headache.

Pamper day sessions for Mums

Our pamper day sessions are a chance to relax and practice some self care with other Mums. Check our events page for more information on upcoming sessions.

Therapies we offer


Reflexology is a technique that involves applying gentle pressure to specific reflex areas on the hands or feet. These reflex areas correspond to different organs and systems in the body, and by stimulating them, reflexology aims to induce a state of deep relaxation and activate the body’s natural healing processes. The therapy is administered while you are comfortably seated or lying down, with shoes and socks removed.


Aromatherapy harnesses the therapeutic power of essential oils. Meticulously blended with vegetable oil to suit your individual needs, the oils are applied through massage or inhaled using an aroma stick. Each essential oil carries unique properties that can address specific concerns, such as relaxation, stress relief, or mood enhancement. As the fragrant molecules interact with your senses, they trigger physiological responses, influencing emotions and promoting a sense of well-being.

Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy is a personalised experience that goes beyond relaxation. Tailored to your needs, the application of nourishing massage oils serves to alleviate tension, enhance circulation, and promote overall well-being. The therapists will focus on specific areas such as the back, shoulders, neck, scalp, hands, or feet, utilising a combination of gentle strokes and targeted pressure. The use of pillows and bolsters ensures your complete comfort. Massage not only eases physical tension but also supports mental and emotional balance, offering a holistic respite from the challenges of daily life.

Indian Head Massage

Rooted in ancient Indian techniques, Indian Head Massage is a comprehensive therapy that extends beyond the head to include stress-prone areas such as shoulders, neck, and arms. Administered while you are seated in a chair, this treatment doesn’t require the removal of clothing. The therapist may use oils, or the massage can be performed without them, based on your preference. Indian Head Massage employs a combination of rhythmic movements, acupressure, and energy balancing to release tension and promote relaxation. The immediate and renowned results of this therapy include not only stress relief but also improved circulation and a revitalised sense of well-being.

Meet the therapist – Georgia

Georgia works across both Shooting Star House and Christopher’s offering complementary therapy sessions. We also have another Complementary Therapist, Caroline, who provides sessions at Shooting Star House. All therapists are fully qualified in holistic massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.