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Emotional support

Our Family Support Workers offer emotional support, as having time to talk through concerns is an important protective factor for our families. Difficulties can sometimes leave you feeling lonely, isolated or worried. We will take the time to listen either on the phone, in your home, out on a walk or at one of our hospices. You can tell us what works best for you. We will give you space to talk and will guide you through the challenges you’re facing.
Friendlies having tea

Get in touch


We recognise that there are some days you need emotional support more than other days, and so we encourage you to reach out if you are struggling.


Our Family Support Line is answered by a Family Support Worker Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. If there is a need for support outside of these hours, email us, leave a voicemail or if urgent call 01483 230960.

Time for you

If you're having a difficult time, we can arrange a catch-up in-person or on the phone

We can go for a walk with you, giving you time to think and time to talk

When life feels overwhelming, we can check-in each week and help you catch a breath

We can refer you to our counselling team if you'd like professional support

Facebook groups

Supported parents Group

A private group for parents of supported children to chat to each other, and find out more about events, services and giveaways.

Bereaved parents group

A private group for bereaved parents to chat to each other, and find out more about events and services. Parents can stay in this group for as long as they wish.