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Support for siblings

We are passionate about supporting siblings and we’ve worked hard to figure out what helps a Shooting Star sibling thrive. We appreciate this isn’t the same for every child and every age, and so we have multiple ways we can offer support. This starts with Siblings’ Socials, a buzzing and fun session trampolining, bowling or swinging through high ropes! We organise a week-long sailing trip with the Ocean Youth Trust for our older siblings to have an incredible experience sailing and time to get to know each other and share experiences. We have Siblings’ Days on site, with time to splash in the pool and time to focus on their emotional health. We watch them benefit so greatly from being with other siblings.
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Therapy support

We provide one-to-one emotional support with our therapists and family support workers. Our therapists use music, drama or art to help siblings process the emotional challenges they face, and we help their school understand how to support them well. Our therapists are skilled in tailoring their support to the child’s age, and we work closely with parents. Providing confidential therapy sessions can be a powerful way to help a sibling with their mental health. Having a meeting with a sibling’s teacher can help everybody understand the unique and complex pressures they experience.  Complementary therapies and hydrotherapy can be helpful in easing anxieties.

Preparing for difficult conversations

We can help you with prepare for conversations with sibling about difficult and sensitive topics, such as serious illness, death and dying. We will learn about your child and use our expertise to guide you in making decisions that feel right for your family. If you have a sibling need of support please contact our family support team.