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Our Partners

We work closely with the APPM and Together for Short Lives research groups and are keen to build relationships with academic institutions.
Together for Short Lives


We are also involved in the Collaborative Paediatric Paediatric Palliative Care Network (CoPPAR).

This UK-based initiative seeks to bring together academic and the paediatric palliative care sector to address the gap in research in paediatric palliative care, which is scant when compared to research on adults in the same area.

The CoPPAR network seeks to facilitate cross-working and better quality research by connecting sectors, professionals, academics, and families who wish to be involved.

CoPPAR’s key objectives: research education and readiness of paediatric palliative care sites, facilitating access to PPI, career pathways for staff who wish to pursue research, and the development of methodology for use with palliative and end-of-life children.

Besides Shooting Star, CoPPPAR’s partner institutions include: