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Art Therapy

Sometimes it isn’t easy to put your feelings into words and sometimes words just don’t express the depth of the feelings we have. That’s why we offer arts therapies as a way of helping children and siblings share what is going on inside their heads. Art Therapy is a form of therapy that uses art materials to help express feelings that are often too difficult to put into words. Art making can help children and young people to make sense of their experiences and understand difficult feelings and behaviours with more clarity. No previous art experience is required, but being open to exploring and experimenting with the art materials provided will positively support the therapeutic process.
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Key information about Art Therapy

Available for

We offer art therapy to children and young people, and, in certain circumstances, adults.

How it works

Face-to-face sessions can take place in our art therapy rooms at both Christopher’s and Shooting Star House. Where suitable we can also offer sessions virtually.

What does it involve

Paint, collage, clay, sand art, mixed media and much more – our art rooms at each hospice are well equiped with everything you need to get creative!


Sessions are confidential so a child or young person feels safe to share challenging and harmful feelings they might be struggling with. Our therapists make sure they have frequent opportunities to meet with parents and other professionals involved. You can speak with a therapist at any time to talk about the mental health of your child or a sibling, and any concerns you may have about how they are at home, or how they are supported at school.

Our arts therapists  are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Ellie, Art Therapist

Meet the Therapist – Ellie

Our Art Therapist, Ellie, works with supported children, siblings and some parents.  She provides psychological support through art-making. All our therapists are registered with the HCPC.