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Volunteers taking on our apprentice shop challenge

Apprentice Shop Challenge

We know our corporate partners love a challenge, so what better way to channel your enthusiasm and energy than our Apprentice Shop Challenge and taking over the running of our charity shops for a day. The challenge doesn't just happen on one day, you can start the fundraising and teamwork in advance at your place of work with stock collections, fundraising and planning for the big day! It's an opportunity to involve large numbers of colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Planning for success

Create a team

Consider a team name (very important) or theme for your team.

Allocate responsibilities

Who can lead the team to a win? Who has the skills to market your activities? Who can source you the best stock or prizes for a raffle?

Arrange a site visit

It’s a great idea to visit your shop in advance, meet the manager and plan what you can do on the day.

How to win

Stock donations

Any items you donate we will value and add to the income raised regardless of when we sell them. You can start your collection in advance of your Apprentice Challenge day, so ask friends, family and contacts to donate fantastic items that will give a great valuation and increase your total.

Fundraising activities

From bake sales to quiz nights and sponsored tea making to sweepstakes, whatever activities you plan before your big day, will help build up your total, so before you even reach the shop you could be leagues ahead of your competition!

Shop sales

Encourage contacts to donate raffle and tombola prizes that can be used in your shop on the day, organise fancy dress or competitions and activities that will increase footfall on the day and increase money through the tills. Don’t forget to promote your activities in advance to drive customers into the shop.

More info

Sarah Adam – Talent Team, Page Group

Everyone felt so strongly about the charity that they were all just totally committed to the cause.  Your team in the Walton shop are lovely and were really supportive and encouraging of us and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Please give them our thanks as they didn’t mind us moving things around and getting in the way which made life very easy!