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Girl sits in circle in front of flat drum with care team member playing a guitar

Scouts and Guides

We would love to support your Scouts and Guides in working towards their next badge while they support us in helping make every moment count for life-limited children, and their families. We can help your Scouts and Guides to fundraise by providing collection cans, leaflets, balloons and stickers, as well as offering presentations and workshops about the charity, and any other information or advice you might need.


Your Scouts could have a sponsored camp out or camp-side cook off and put their camping and cooking skills to the test. Or devise their own comedy sketch and ask friends and family to make a donation to attend an evening of laughs.


Support us by having fun with a sponsored sports day for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and your Cubs can earn their Athletics Activity badge at the same time. Or ask your Cubs to learn and perform one of our special Makaton songs by our Friendly Hands group as part of their Entertainer Activities Badge!


Hold a sponsored obstacle course for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices for a fun bit of fundraising while your Beavers earn their Challenge Fitness badge.


Guides could learn about Shooting Star Children’s Hospices whilst undertaking the Go For It! Five Sense badge. At our hospices we have a sensory room with lots of sensory toys and equipment to help engage, soothe and excite the children we support, who may not be able to see, hear or feel in the same way we can. Your Guides could organise some sensory activities, like a blindfolded ‘guess that object/smell game’ where participants donate to have a go.


Brownies could learn about Shooting Star Children’s Hospices whilst working towards their Adventure badge and share their findings with their fellow Brownies during one of their community activities.


Introduce your Rainbows to the fun in fundraising by having a sponsored pyjama party to help support Shooting Star Children’s Hospices in caring for life-limited children and their families. Or plan some sensory activities to run with your Rainbows, just like we do at our fun-filled hospices, such as exploring while blindfolded or guessing objects or smells.

Contact us

We would be delighted to run an interactive session with your Scouts and Guides, get in touch with our Community Fundraising Team for more details