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“I found the retail volunteer position on Indeed. I like to keep busy and so I was looking for something to do on my weekends because it was the holidays. I looked on the Shooting Star website and I liked what the charity does for children and their families. Shooting Star aligned with me from my personal experience as when I was an infant, I had a lot of medical issues.

“I was meant to volunteer for a month. However, I really enjoy the Cobham shop and I have been volunteering there on Sundays for six months. I find the role really relaxing and fun, it’s genuinely enjoyable work.  

“There are two parts to the retail role. When you are out the back, we are sorting through and tagging stock, making sure everything is of good quality and that it has been well maintained to put it out on the shop floor. We also clean children’s toys that are donated, price those and then put them out the front.

“When I am on the shop floor, I make sure it stays tidy and everything is ordered correctly so that it’s easy for everyone to sort through.

“If you want to volunteer, just go for it. The interactions with customers are positive because we are doing it for a worthy cause.”