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A Day in a Life of a Hospice Nurse

March 31, 2022

Our nurses are at the heart of the care we deliver, from respite to end-of-life care. Hospice nurses Georgia, Hannah and Jess explain why what they do is such a vital part of the care we provide.


“Here, families get to breathe and have some respite, reassured that we are looking after their child in the best way we possibly can.

“We get to look after each child on a one-to-one basis which feels special. We have the time to spend with children and their families and really get to know them, time you wouldn’t get on a hospital ward.

“With older children, we’ve been able to take them to festivals, concerts, shopping, and an outing to London – we’ve had some lovely times. With younger children, we go swimming and to the park. We do all the activities they want to do.

“I’ve worked with children from their very first day, care for them when they have come for respite, through to when they’ve come for end-of-life care. It’s such an honour and a privilege to be part of that journey.”


“’I couldn’t do the job you do’ – that’s the typical response I get when I tell people I’m a hospice nurse. They assume a hospice is a sad place, and that’s true sometimes, but it’s an amazing, incredibly happy place too.

“Since working here, I’ve gained lots of new skills and had the opportunity to do things I’ve never done before. As well as organising play and activities for the children, I get involved with everything from medication, tracheostomy care and ventilation to dealing with complex needs, personal care, and moving and handling – skills you may not use in a hospital setting.

“I never appreciated how much fun you could have working in a children’s hospice; you can really make a difference and get involved in every aspect of a child’s care.”


“When families first arrive, they can be apprehensive, but we soon show them what a brilliant place it is, how much fun everyone is having and the happy memories we are creating.

“We try and make it a home from home. We take lots of photos of the activities and often make them into scrapbooks that parents really enjoy.

“Parents often say their child looks like they’ve enjoyed themselves. To know I’ve made such a positive impact is amazing.”

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