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A day in the life of a Challenge Events Co-ordinator

April 3, 2024

As part of our Challenge Events team, Hannah Bateman organises a range of events, from running to cycling and even skydiving! These activities often test participants physical and mental endurance, all while helping children and families we support, who face the unimaginable.

“In the energetic world of the Challenge Events team, each day brings new excitement, thanks to our annual programme of activity. Whether it’s the Sunrise Series, Fire Walk or Swim Serpentine, every event has its own unique preparations.

“A big part of my role is supporting our passionate participants, each driven by their own motivations to make a difference for Shooting Star. Currently, we have a dedicated team of 60 who are running the London Marathon this April. It’s one of our biggest annual fundraising events, with staff, family and friends eagerly volunteering to cheer on the big day.

“Somehow I was lucky enough to secure a ballot place this year, so I’ll also be running alongside the team! Sharing the experience with them has been amazing, allowing me to connect with their training triumphs and challenges, and truly understand the collective spirit, keeping us all going.

“So far, I’ve been on some amazing adventures, from conquering the heights of Snowdon to climbing the O2 Arena not once, but twice! I’ve raced through the historic grounds of Hampton Court and strolled through Reigate and Richmond during our Sunrise Walks. Each of these experiences has been so special because of the morale among everyone taking part and the dedication they all have to raising money for the children and families we support.

‘‘We’re busy planning new and innovative fundraising events for the rest of 2024 and into 2025 and can’t wait to share many more special memories and experiences!”

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