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Fun days for bereaved and supported siblings

February 18, 2023

Our bereaved and supported sibling’s days were tremendous fun for all those who attended. Held over two days, one for bereaved siblings and one for supported siblings during half term, the siblings were able to socialise with other children in similar circumstances.

The first activity allowed the siblings to get up close to some creepy crawlies and reptiles, which the children were very excited about. One colourful character, the chameleon, was extremely friendly and wanted to climb up onto their heads, as did a very smiley bereaved dragon who was also very keen to rest up high! Some children embraced a cuddle with a snake, with others a little more nervous enjoying them from afar, equally giving them a unique and thrilling experience.

On the bereaved siblings day, the children headed to Sparkle Room with our Head of Family Support, Sarah, and Music Therapist, Marion, to remember each of their siblings. To honour them, they each wrote their siblings name down on a whiteboard to share with the group. We try to encourage the children to speak about their feelings and emotions in a safe space, so that we can offer them the support and guidance they need.

The group was then split into two, one to do yoga and the other for a therapeutic workshop. Yoga teacher, Victoria, created a calming atmosphere ready for a yoga and mindfulness session. Rather than referring to yoga poses by their original names, Victoria asked the children to think of their favourite underwater creature and made shapes relating to them. We had starfish, catfish, eels – all sorts!

To end the session, the children made a circle and in the middle was a pretend basket of positivity. Victoria asked each child what they liked about themselves, and they then had to throw it into the positivity basket. This was a lovely way for the children to remember to practice positive thinking and self-acceptance.

Lucy Hooper, Social Media and Web Officer at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices said, “It was so lovely seeing all the children playing and reacting to the all the little creatures and animals. They were super excited from the get go, making it a day full of fun moments and memories. It’s a great space for siblings to come together and have the opportunity to be in a room with people who fully understand how they feel, and can be comfortable sharing whatever they want.”

If you would like your child to take part in one of these amazing events, you can check out our events page. If you are looking to support your local children’s hospice and volunteer your skills in yoga, arts or something exciting, then get in touch to volunteer today.