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A furry friend visits children at Christopher’s

April 2, 2024

Bringing his favourite story books to share, Mr Kipling, the therapy donkey, came to visit children, young people, and staff at Christopher’s.  

The Pony Pals Family kindly facilitated the trip, where Mr Kipling made some new friends, including five children and young people, who were so pleased to see him during their stay at our purpose-built hospice in Guildford. 

Caroline Seignot, Mr Kipling’s owner, took him over to each child, giving them the opportunity to say hello and give him a stroke. There was some apprehension at first, but Mr Kipling was so friendly and patient with everyone, the children really warmed to him.  

Caroline has written a series of books that include tales of her children and their many pets (farm animals), and these were read to the children during the visit. Then everybody had the opportunity to walk with Mr Kipling up and down the corridor, including some of the care team!

After this, upon request of the children, everyone was treated to a sensory story that included toy animals to assist with the story, which the children had fun participating in.  

One of the children even got to paint Mr Kipling’s hoof, helped by nurse Georgia, they opted for a very apt love heart.  

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