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A glowing reception for our brightest event

November 23, 2023

Families had an amazing time at our annual GLOW event earlier this month when Shooting Star House was transformed into a glowing sensory sensation. UV lights set the scene with glowing props and accessories at the door.

Everyone was given the chance to have UV face paint, even parents and grandparents! There were plenty of designs and a great way to engage the entire family with this wholesome activity.

Events Manager, Caroline Brett-Field, said, “The young people we had staying in-house for respite at Christopher’s, our Guildford hospice, joined us too, which absolutely made it feel complete. It’s quite extraordinary how bereaved and supported families can come together and enjoy the event side by side with absolute respect and appreciation for the family sitting or dancing next to them.”

Families were welcomed to roam the lower floor of Shooting Star House, to experience each zone that GLOW had to offer. Glowing stars led the families to each activity that carefully incorporated Diwali, the festival of light.

One family said, “We love these days and the Shooting Star staff are outstanding – such great days. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved. The staff love it, and it shows.”

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