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Arts, crafts and phenomenal pottery session

May 25, 2023

We welcomed The Portable Pottery Company into our hospice, where Claire, the potter, showed families how to make beautiful clay tiles at our recent drop-in session. A drop-in session welcomes supported children, their siblings, parents and anyone else close to the supported child who would benefit from these diverse sessions, that encourage families to get creative and socialise.

The potter set up everything in Christopher’s, our Guildford hospice, and showed everyone how to use all the different tools. Using the smoothest, softest natural clay that had a beautiful earthy smell everyone made something totally different from one another. They used vintage French lace, cutters, and shapes to add an imprinted detail to the clay in different ways. But you had to be careful not to press too hard with the different materials, else the clay could break.

Everyone got stuck in and the creativity was flowing. We even had a mum attend by herself as she had seen this process on social media and always wanted to try it, she took herself to a quieter corner, with a cup of tea and got right to it. This is the brilliant part of these drop-in sessions, they are open for all supported families, and offer parents a moment to relax, and learn something new too. So many things that are learnt and done in the drop-in sessions are often able to be re-created at home, so that families can continue these helpful ways of expressing yourself, from pottery to music!

We can’t wait to see the finished results once they have been through the kiln and glazed. If you would like to offer your skills and give families the opportunity to get together to express themselves, contact us today.