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Children’s Mental Health Week

February 8, 2023

It was Children’s Mental Health Week on the Monday 6 February to Sunday 12 February, and this year’s theme was ‘Let’s connect’. With this theme in mind, it’s very important that we’re connecting with the children with life-limiting conditions, we support, and their siblings.

We offer an array of events from therapy sessions to pamper sessions, for both supported and bereaved families. This includes siblings, grandparents and anyone else close to the supported child. A few ways we support children specifically, alongside the bespoke medical care we offer as a hospice, but through events that are available to the whole family unit.

There are at least four events held every month throughout the year, and these events allow children in similar situations to socialise with each other. It isn’t always easy for children to communicate with other children at school who might not understand the situation of supported children, supported children’s siblings or the bereaved siblings. By creating a safe environment and a fun atmosphere, these children can relax, connect with people and access help and support from different therapies and teams.

During Children’s Mental Health Week, we reached out to families offering a creative little care package. This made the children feel pampered and who doesn’t love receiving a treat? These care packages included chocolates, face masks and hot chocolate, to toys, games and accessories. Each box was unique and full of sweet surprises for the child to enjoy.

Our lovely care team took the time to create these care packages, making sure each box was filled with some nice items to remind the children they should practice self-care and love.

Support your local children’s hospice, donate today and support the care we offer for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.