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Lana’s story

March 25, 2021

Lana has recently started to be supported by Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, and it so happened to be a very special day during one of her first respite stays – her 2nd birthday!

Lana has a condition called epileptic encephalopathy. She can have seizures that are difficult to control, which mean she needs specialist care day and night and requires constant supervision.

So now Lana and her mum have the support of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, she’s been able to visit the hospice for a respite stay.

During one of her stay’s, it was time for celebration, as Lana turned two years old. Our wonderful care team made sure to organise all the important birthday items, including a beautifully decorated birthday cake, presents and a socially distanced gathering to celebrate.

Creating memories and marking special occasions are really important to the families we support, and we loved being able to share this important day. Jess, one of our in-house nurses at the hospice said, “It was wonderful to celebrate with Lana and her mum.”

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