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Lottie’s story

September 22, 2020

Three-year-old Lottie was born with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy, a brain condition which can cause developmental delay, seizures and cognitive impairment.

Her symptoms cause her a lot of pain and discomfort, so for a few weeks during lockdown she stayed at the hospice for symptom management.

Symptom management is where our care team trial different medications and monitor the effects of these to improve Lottie’s symptoms.

It was Lottie’s 3rd birthday during her symptom stay, so our care staff prescribed a big dose of decorations and a visit from her family, were they were able to play with her in the large garden and enjoy the space.

Mum, Stacey, said, “Having Lottie away from us is hard, but knowing she is in the best place possible makes it a lot easier. When Lottie’s at home, watching her in pain is heart breaking, but seeing her at the hospice so comfortable and being cared for by the staff as if she was one of their own, well it’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate everything they do for us. I really cannot imagine how we would have got through the last three years without them.”

Sadly, Lottie died in November 2022. If you can, please make a small donation so we can continue to support families like Lottie’s with bereavement care.