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Paying it forwards from one charity to another

March 30, 2023

As a children’s hospice we’re always in need of donations to support families in the best way possible and ensure each child has their needs fulfilled. So, when we recently had some equipment that we no longer needed, we recognised that it could go a long way in helping another charity. We’re thrilled to be paying forward the kindness we receive by sending the equipment to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe.

Sarah Hodkinson, our Head of Family Support Services, has been involved in charity work in Moldova for the last 10 years, mostly focused on upskilling health and education professionals in baby homes and schools by working closely with parliamentary ministers, the British ambassador and other teams. We’re proud to be sending three hydraulic beds, four child cot beds, two large rocking chairs, footstools and more.

We have previously shipped equipment mostly compiling of musical instruments for therapy. We ship the equipment out via other charities that exist to manage logistics so they they can deliver the aid and humanitarian relief efficiently. The same charities will help us to send the equipment this time too – they will be going to a setting in Ungheni, an area in the north of Moldova. Our donation will be distributed to the places that need it most urgently once it reaches Ungheni, and that could be care homes, special needs centres, or individual families in need.

We firmly believe in upcycling, reusing and re-homing pre-loved items, and we’re thrilled that those most in need in Moldova will benefit from vital equipment that they may have not otherwise had access to.