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Rad teen paddle-board session

June 7, 2023

On Friday 8 June, eight of our teenage siblings of supported children enjoyed a morning out on the river in Hampton. They started the morning by Hampton Court, getting geared up with the correct equipment with a lovely instructor who led them along a wonderful water path. They then set off paddle-boarding along the Thames from Hampton all the way to Sunbury and back!

Some of the siblings were lucky (or unlucky!) enough to take a dip in the river as they fell off their board, but they didn’t let this stop them enjoying their day and were quick to recover and continue the fun. They all spent a few hours on the water passing boats, motor homes, and plenty of woodlands, enjoying the opportunity to get out and about in nature, and socialise with one another. We hold regular events throughout the year, so siblings have a chance to get to know each other well, allowing them to talk and and share with other children who can relate to their situation.

Paige Bale, Lead Family Support Worker, said, “Hampton Court Paddle Sports went above and beyond to accommodate the group, ensuring that the teens had the best time! One sibling did not feel the most confident on a paddle-board and so rather than having to go out on one, he was offered the use of a kayak. It was so amazing to see them full of smiles and confidence on their way back after being a little nervous before setting off. Plus, with all this great weather lately, we couldn’t have gone paddle-boarding at a better time. Everybody definitely enjoyed this session.”

After a couple of hours on the water they headed back to Shooting Star House, our Hampton hospice, where they enjoyed some more time in the sunshine relaxing and eating. After a busy morning, you could imagine how they were looking forward to a delicious lunch!

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