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Shooting Star House shone brightly at our recent Glow event

December 8, 2022

Shooting Star House, for the first time, was recently transformed into a glowing sensory sensation, for families to enjoy together! UV lights set the scene with glowing props and accessories at the door to get you ready to glow.

Props and accessories were available for families and children of all ages to enjoy. Within seconds of entering the rooms, everyone received their own set of silent discos headphones, though hardly silent with all the laughter and giggles filling the room. There were two music channels to choose from, with music styles changing throughout the event to make sure there was something for everyone!  

There was also an exciting opportunity to literally glow! Everyone was given the chance to have UV face paint, even parents and grandparents! There were plenty of designs and a great way to engage the entire family with this wholesome activity.

Caroline, Events Officer, said “I loved seeing the whole family come together at one of our events. It was the largest event since covid restrictions were eased, so it felt like a moment to feel grateful for how far we have come since.”

In the room next door, we had set up all the Lifelites equipment, which was kindly donated, for everyone to try.  There were sensory tent pods with lights and sounds, a tilt table with games for all ages, even the adults enjoyed colouring in. This allowed everyone to experience different products and explore different senses. The virtual headset was very popular with everyone transporting to a new world and finding their way around. There was tons of excited commentary coming from this room!

Caroline added “everyone left asking for this event to be included in next year’s line-up, which was a huge compliment to all the staff and volunteers involved! Thank you to everyone who helped me bring this together”

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